garden saturday

3 years ago, I brought with me a few, wild strawberry plants from my families garden in bavaria and also planted a chinese peony.

About one week ago one morning, surprise!! The peony got some fantastic light pink yellowish flowers this year for the first time and a decent wonderful smell *yippie* ...and wild strawberry invasion in the garden!


summertime, morocco and gnaoua music!

In two weeks from now, we will be in morocco and listening fantastic gnaoua music at the 11th Gnaoua Festival in Essaouira, spend some very relaxing time in Feli´s Lallamira with delicious organic food, fresh mint tea, looking for inspiration and fresh findings for my work.

What can I say, every vacation is like a dream comes true for me!

another dream came true in 2005, got the chance to start learn how to ride a camel! Not just sitting in Jeans and T-shirt for making nice pictures....no, "Cokee" a wonderful camel and me riding on it at the beach of Essaouira, o.k. it´s not the Sahara but it works to get a bit of the desert feeling.
Rachid, the owner of some camels from the Western Sahara teached me how to ride a camel and I spent two hours to yell "sit sit ya..." means "go, go..." to make the camel moving... and it worked! The only problem we had, he was not speaking one of the 3,5 languages I speak and I do not understand his french and special saharoui language....so I am still thinking since 2005 to learn some Western Sahara language....?!

We spent some time with our camels on the beach, some tourists passed by on their horses and taking pictures from us, Rachid told them "look, theres a woman from the desert"...may they still wondering back at home watching their pictures why this woman from the desert wearing Chanel´s Rouge Noir on her toenails.....*haha* anyway we had lots of fun...and tried to learn a few words to understand each other...but the husband is speaking arabic...whilest sitting on the camel, he took a beachwalk and pretty pictures! :-)

wish that we may can meet Rachid in two weeks again and may I can continue camel riding practice..... :-)