babouches or not babouches?

...the babouches....I felt in Love with these wonderful handmade leather slippers from Morocco...around 8 years ago, I bought my first pairs at H&M....you are reading right! :-)
H&M sold some turqoise and pink embroidered ones, black and white leather carved ones in 2000/2001....nobody knows where this wonderful "Aladdin" look a like shoes are came from...

..but me :-) Now, my first pairs are gone somewhere in the Babouches-Nirvana......;-)

Then I´ve got one pair from a friend, wonderful cream velvet ones with silver embroidery.....this pair is also gone.....


Now, I think I am the owner of about 20 oder more pairs of this wonderful leather slippers in different shapes, colours and embroidery...

this ones are not all mine...but seen in the Souks of Morocco :-)

If you ever travel to Morocco, don´t miss it, you will love it! ..or not ;-)

but...this year before Christmas I will present you a very special range of handmade leather Babouches in bright colours with special embroidery...the first pairs of the "ranipink essaouira love" range at the ranipink-onlineshop and in my studio! More details about my new project "ranipink essaouira love" are coming soon...:-)

good night :-)


Essaouira Mystery :-)

...a lazy afternoon in Essaouira...lots of fresh mint tea and special sweets at Mustafa´s shop between carpets and blankets....ohhhh...so what....

.....what a beautiful, mysterious oriental princess passed by! :-)

akbar delights :-)

....around 3 weeks ago...the last day of our vacation...Marrakech...48°.....lets take a last walk through the Bazaar before heading back home :-)

We have walked may be fifty times the last few years the same way...and never had seen it, like in a story of 1001 nights this very special little shop "crossed" our way in Marrakech - akbar delights -

Inside ruby red walls and dark wood...I felt like I just stepped in the treasure chamber itself....crispy off white linnen and cotton tunics with delicate beadwork....fantastic sequined bags and brocade purses...indian style embroidered slippers in bright colours...berber inspired pillows....airy silk tunics with heavy glassbead embroidery....books about ottoman, oriental and indian artwork....colourful caftans...vintage boxes...

..every single piece is something very special, I am still impressed about this fantastic artwork.....

akbar delights, 45 Place Bab Fteuh, 40008 Marrakech (next to Jamaâ el Fna)


The cats of Essaouira :-)

...the cats of Essaouira....every little shop in the souk is owned by somebody.....and of course by a cat ;-)

..may i offer you first a glass of fresh, sweet mint tea before starting a very special Essaouira shopping Tour...?! :-)

...let´s start with the Accessoires.....!

..proudly presented by the Owner... the new berber carpets and wedding blankets collection....;-) ...zzzzzzz....;-)

... need some new Interior for your home?? ;-) ...the cat is included...!

...beautiful carpets...good price....Madame...! :-) :-) ..best price!!!

...motorcycles are offered by this white and red cat...! :-)

...need bright red beautiful henna lanterns for your living room..?

...want some henna painting??

..or may be want to buy some vintage blankets and antique chest...?

meow...funny shopping!


Maryam in Marrakech :-)

...two weeks ago, we had the pleasure to meet Maryam in Marrakech :-)

WOW!! What a nice and relaxing afternoon :-) She took us to one of her favourite places, the Café du Livre ....with delicious Tapas, Salad and probably the best Chocolate Cake you can get in Marrakech...

We are still very impressed....Maryam is a very charming woman, with lots and lots of brilliant ideas, a fantastic sense of humour and if your read her blog, everything she´s writing is coming straight from the heart :-)

She took us to some places where we took a look at fantastic embroidered linnen....Maryam, I am still thinking about that "coat-thing"....;-) ;-) bright colours, fantastic artwork, vintage textiles and beautiful jewellery.....so we had spent a fantastic and relaxing afternoon with her with lots of talking and started to knowing each other.

...watch Maryam´s sparkling silver embroidered sandals...*hihi*

This day also still inspires me for so much more....

Maryam, thanks very much again for sharing your time with us :-)

Petra ;-)


Essaouira :-)

Essaouira..... atlantic coastal dream...oriental vibes.....wind surfers..... gnaoua music City....and much more....!

......the freshness of the blue and white Houses is sprinkled with green palm trees and white bleached coloured walls of the Medina....the proud women of Essaouira wearing beautiful decorated Djellabas in bright colours like pink, pistachio green, turquoise, teal and purple....the smell of the salty air mixed with oriental spices, fresh green mint and coriander is surrounding you everywhere...

.....the mysterious gnawa music sounds through the Medina...georgeous Riads and Dars in bright colours are hidden behind carved wooden doors like a secret...hundreds of small shops are selling new things, old and things, things you may have never seen before in your life....the modern moroccan life is mixed with oriental and berber traditions....

..there is much more to say and write about this wonderful City....if you visit Essaouira once, you will always come back and enjoy the hospitality of the very friendly and charming "Souiris", the people of Essaouira :-)


Lallamira...a favourite p(a)lace !

Lallamira, this lovely place in Essaouira is more than a Hotel...

Felicitas, the owner created a wonderful little palace and opened it in March 2004, located in the Medina of Essaouira, it is also the first bio-hotel in Morocco including the renovated, oldest Hammam in Essouira.

Our first adventure in Morocco started in 2005, on a rainy November day -a few days after the official german wedding- we headed direction Essaouira....took the "real moroccan life" coach in Marrakech. After 6 hours and around 50 stops on the way we arrived in the early evening there....and  where to find the Lallamira?!

A very friendly woman showed us the way through the dark medina -we where wondering where she was taking us...- and like in a fairy tale of 1001 night after a 10 minutes walk the door opened itself..... we arrived in this cute yellow and green palace....in a wonderful blue room with a very blue bathroom with one of the most beautiful bathroom doors I´ve never seen before... :-)
.... the charming staff served fresh delicious mint tea.....and we felt in love with this magic place!

We love  to spend hours on the yellow tiled roof terrace, watching and listening the seagull - this year we had the pleasure to watch a mum and her baby seagull... funny and noisy...- having fresh organic breakfast with delicious....very delicous coffee, watching the cats walking on the medina rooftops, reading a book or just watching the Atlantic sea waves and the camel place on the beach and thinking about how nice life is... :-)

From time to time we watched little sparrows, tried to pick bread, Essaouira sparrows are well-feeded! some of them also picked wool from the curtains in the room for nesting :-) in the night time take a look in the patio at one of the Aladdin-Lanterns....then you will find a few napping sparrows on it...very cute ;-)

after several visits in Essaouira, we can´t imagine a better place to stay.....lovely Felicitas and her very charming team will make our and -of course- your stay in Essaouira at any time to a very special holiday experience!



café des épices

café des épices.....this is one of our favourite places in Marrakech!

In 2005 we had to stay for three more days in Marrakech after honeymoon - because of a overnight flood half on the way to Marrakech we missed our flight - after arrival in the next "best" hotel,  I was not able to leave the bathroom..arghhh! the husband started exploring the medina and the souk and found this wonderful place... the café des épices...after more than two days without eating and drinking I had there "atay bil luisa" means green tea with lemon verbena....and thanks god! felt good!!

I always enjoy the super delicious breakfast...milk coffee and fresh "msmen" moroccan pancakes with honey....mmmmmhhh.....during the day between walking through the medina and the souk we are always went back for "atay bin na3na3" mint tea or fresh orange juice, delicious sandwiches and fresh fruit salad and just watched the people walked around the place and felt lucky to be there.

If you go Marrakech, visit this little peaceful place in the heart of the medina, the lovely staff  treat you with a smile and delicious and fresh homemade moroccan food!

Café des épices, 75 Rahba Lakdima, Marrakech

sahara blue(s)

well...I am in the blue(s).....wearing a blue cast since last week but (smile) it goes perfect with my latest morocco findings!

tie dyed shawls in blue & black shades from the western sahara -usually worn from the men as a turban-....bright blue and off white vintage berber cushion covers, blue sequined babouches and beautiful indigo dyed western sahara gaze "mlahfa" traditional worn by the saharoui womens :-)

well....I am in the sahara blue(s)! :-)