teapot djellaba :-)

someone is watching my fresh mint tea..!

...need some new djellaba? Your oriental teapot is looking forward for this new cute little friends!

...and this new friends are avoid burned fingers...;-)

I finished just today some of them and listed a few of it in my dawanda-shop, and will list within the next few days some more in different colours in my onlineshop :-)

...watch out, the oriental tea cozy are coming soon, too....:-)


ranipink studio window :-)

...this is my latest studio window :-)
I will post from now every time I decorate my window with a new style for all of you who are not just came around and visit me for a glass of fresh mint tea or cardamom scented coffee....;-)

please, take a seat, take a delicious drink and enjoy the colours :-)

Usually I change the window every second week to keep it fresh and interesting for my customers, visitors and all the nice neighbours who passing by through the day :-)

this picture shows a pink glassbead necklace with a beautiful tassel in bright pink, handmade earrings from sultanissima and a golden-cream pure silk shawl, the endpiece is in bright raspberry pink with delicate metallzari brocade.

this picture shows a pure silk neckholder top in shimmery cashmiri pink, it goes perfect with the soft golden silk skirt with ottoman inspired embroidery. I am working together with my friend Esra Sultanissima, we are created a nice edition from silk skirts, cosmetic zipper bags and bags in general with embroidery, inspired from the fantastic artwork past ottoman times.

this picture shows my latest idea for pillows "the macaron pillow" ...inspired from the delicious macaron sweets :-), some pairs of handmade moroccan slippers, a kimono flower silk pincushion and a embroidered cosmetic zipper bag from shimmery linnen with satin sequins.

If you are interested in any of my products, please feel free to contact me for further details at ranipink@hotmail.de or visit the ranipink onlineshop :-)

I will list some more nice products after next weekend. I always wish that I could list more but I am always busy with custom made orders, at this time...a bridal gown from cream silk and more than 2000 austrian crystal, sequin, pearl and bead embroidery...if I finish this wonderful dress within the next few weeks, of course, I´ll let it you know ;-)

Now, my lovely husband did some delicious dinner, oriental style filled green courgette served with spicy tomato sauce and arabic bread....*yummy*..let´s have some dinner :-)


style of the week :-)

this are my favourite styles for this week....:-)

ranipink´s style for working in my studio....some casual black linnen pants, black tank top with black longsleeve and....add some sparkle with indigo blue moroccan slippers (babouches) and my favourite indigo blue and black dyed sahara shawl....never leave the house without that shawl....

ranipink´s style for my work as a staff at H&M... :-) ...my favourite citrine yellow silk skirt goes perfect with my favourite black silk knit and some western sahara cotton shawl in black...of course usually I wear some silver sparkling ballerinas....but not today ;-)

I don´t know why...yellow is one of the most difficult colours of the fashion in general...I felt in love with that yellow shade I named "nuclear reactor yellow"....sounds dangerous...*hihi* a yellow shade with a hint of green...it goes perfect with black and white basics, and you are not looking dressed like we say in Germany like the bee "Biene Maja"....!

watch our for more of my favourite styles every week from now!


desert trip :-)

...there are some books to buy about the Sahara, but there are some more reasons to own this one than the others.....

There is the size, its about 38 x 29 cm, it makes lot of fun exploring all the little details on the pictures....

It´s fantastic to watch all the brilliant pictures whilest sipping sweet and fresh mint tea or spicy arabic mocca on a rainy day....may you wearing some comfortable caftan dress, too...this book will carry you away deep in the heart of the desert.....!

Ready for this adventure? Please make sure that you are sitting right on your wedding blanket, the departure with the flying carpet will be in a few minutes.....:-) ..and make sure you always carry your blue sahara shawl with you! :-)

Take a tea break in the oasis, take a bath with the camels in the wadi ;-)

I love the Tuareg artwork, especially the colour combinations :-)

The picture above is my most favourite, I love the Henna red dyed finger nails, the pretty silver jewellery and this picture always remember me of something from the Tuareg people "I was worried because I don´t have some silver finger rings, then I meet someone who had no fingers"

This few words always say to me: be satisfied with what you are doing, what you are get and have.

Lots of times I am thinking about that, the world is changing very fast actually, may we don´t now where we are going in the future. Share the rare time with your family and friends and from time to time give in any way something to others. From time to time some nice things will happen to you in a way you´ll never expected :-)

The desert may changes your mind, it still changes my mind since I started reading about the deserts of the world when I was a little girl....sometimes it´s just a colour I love to watch like the desert sky....

I love it to share some nice pictures, thoughts and ideas with all of you who reading my blog, that´s my way to give some of my time to others I may will never meet, it´s amazing to watch the little earth map where all of you are coming from :-)

Thanks very much to my mum for this book, this is a great gift! :-)

Want to get this book for your home? Buy it at amazon and start your desert vacation...take care, mind changing are possible....!

pictures from the book "Sahara" author phillippe bourseiller, Knesebeck


Byzance magazine

One of my favourite magazines for Inspiration is the french-lebanese based Byzance magazine. I love the great mixture between the Orient and the Occident, modern and traditional, lifestyle, haute couture, delicious recipes and fantastic pictures.

The last Issue arrived me a few weeks ago with this beautiful violet cover, the cover and colour theme changed with every Issue, my favourite ones are the blue Issue, the orange and pink and the violet one :-)

..take a sneak peak into...and enjoy the colours! :-)

I love the mix and match between cool turquoise and ultramarine shades with the vibrant lilac and red shades....and the metall lantern, too... :-)

want to get the magazine, too? Try for Germany internationale Presse to get your Issue of this fantastic magazine :-) Enjoy!


gnaoua TV :-)

....last night, I felt asleep in front of the TV in our living room... something around five o´clock in the morning, I woke up from some very nice music...I can´t believe it, the euronews showed a report about the Essaouira Gnaoua Festival 2008 this june on TV!!

..now, a few hours and sleep later ..I am still smiling and thinking about the great concerts and the festival and how happy I am, watched at nighttime this nice report...they showed the cute little girl dancing on her dads shoulders next to me at the Hamid el Kasri concert, too :-) ...and Ky-Mani Marley....my husband and some friends of us meet him two days later in the medina :-) ..of course taking some pictures...

..I wish all of you a very relaxing sunday...my husband is still sleeping and my sewing machine down in the studio is calling me......"please, please let me listen some gnaoua music"....I am still wondering about my sewing machine (one from my grandma...) loves to listen that crazy music, too....;-) So, I let the husband sleep and want to go down now and look what the nearly finished preliminary model for Maryam`s coat and my sewing machine are doing...party?!!


Darga :-)

Darga.....I love the music! I´m always listening in my studio their new album "stop baraka" since 7 weeks!!!...georgeous fusion mixed from Reggae, Ska, Gnaoua and traditional music from Morocco.

We missed them at the Gnaoua Festival 2008 in Essaouira, after the Hamid el Kasri concert we went from the Bab Marrakech stage to the beach..because of the heavy pain of my broken hand we decided going back to Lallamira and take some sleep :-(
A few days later in Marrakech, their new album found the way to me at the café des épices...presented with beautiful postcards :-) :-) I am a lucky one!!!

...so, I really hope that you guys will play next year on the festival again :-)

...enjoy darga music at myspace! :-)


marrakech heavy metal ;-)

...sounds like some noisy oriental music-band *haha* no, you are wrong this time....no drums and electric guitars....

...we´ve stepped at our last day in Marrakech in July into this wonderful place with lots of "heavy metal", I growed up in a family who´s still in the metalwork and engineering business, so the metalwork is still in my heart, especially the oriental one...!

This place in the Medina of Marrakech looks like we call in Germany "Schrottplatz"...I love this combination of words, the "oriental Schrottplatz"... "where have you been today"?..."oh...I´ve spent the entire day at the oriental Schrottplatz..."!!!

I am still thinking about "how to get" one of this really huge silver trays at my next visit this year in autumn back home.....by plane, camel or by the moroccan post??? questions over questions...so far so good, I still have some weeks time to think about it, I´ll let it you know when it is in our living room :-)


sahara blue(s) II

....I am still in the sahara blue(s) ....and still inspired by the colours of morocco :-)

...now, we let the sahara blue(s) into my studio, too....mysterious shimmery indigo shaded walls and bright ultramarine blue goes perfect with all the nice silks and vintage fabrics....babouches and jewellery....

...done in a weekend project supported by my lovely husband, my best friend Esra sultanissima and friends :-) Thanks very much!!

want this style for your home? Try pigments and mix it with grounded nacre and liquid acrylic solution, then apply it with a sponge two or three times on the walls, apply liquid nacre for the shimmery finish...another way to imitate the traditional Tadelakt of Morocco ;-)


airport oriental ;-)

...I just arrived back this morning from a 3-day vacation at my familys....

..and felt in love with these nice and well dressed guys at the Munich airport :-) :-)

....can I get one please for my home..??