oriental mail :-)

...oriental mail anyone?

...with the oriental christmas edition....not only for the christmas tree ;-)

...for the babouches lovers...

..and finally a cute set of 3 cards with silk kimono flowers in bright emerald shades :-)
NEW :-) the ranipink postcard edition is now online in my shop :-) with favourite, colourful motivs from my studio :-)


style of the week :-)

...it´s getting cold in Germany.....

...time to wear my favourite dark green boots and my handmade seagreen coat from austrian wool...it goes perfect with my citrine silk skirt and the teal leather bag, found in morocco ;-)

... and it´s time to wear my favourite winter colour = black....and add some colour with my favourite blue sahara style scarf ...I felt like I just came back from a camel ride this morning ;-) ;-)
The black jodhpuri style pants are probably the best buy I´ve made the last months at H&M....I like the pants so much that I decided to buy a second pair of it......:-)


Henna :-)

It´s a long time ago...
wearing Henna on my hands....

when we spent a week in Morrocco in June, I decided to go to on of our friends in Essarouira, lovely Habiba for Henna but then I broke my hand at the day the Gnawa festival started (whilest picking some fabrics...this could only happen to me...) and after four weeks wearing the "stylish sahara blue" cast I had to start sewing the cream bridal gown....

...no Henna anymore until October......:-( It´s a long time If you Henna obsessed like me......
But tonight, baby.......tonight........lalalalaaaa!(please imagine some nice man with a cool voice who is singing this with a piano in the background.....)

I just made some special, very strong black tea with fresh lemon and prepared the Henna powder with some "mysterious" organic ingredients....:-) after work tonight I plan to do first my left hand with some beautiful, I think Berber inspired pattern.....and I love it to have red henna dyed fingertips....:-) :-) *lalalalalaaaaaaa*
P.S.: all this hands are my hands, I took the pictures through the last 3 years when I`d made very special patterns...


ranipink window watch :-)

lilac, purple, violet, lavender......the lilac shades are very, very in fashion this season in Germany :-)

so I decided last week to decorate the purple Kimono style shirt made from indian vintage Sari in my window. The shirt goes perfect with vintage jeans slim pants or white linnen pants for summer...or add some sparkle for a festive dress for the upcoming party season .....?!

I think the purple shades are going perfect with fresh light mint and a hint of bright pink, too...Germany need more colour :-) :-)

I am not lazy, but I wish I can find the "shop" where to buy plenty of time...I plan to refill my onlineshop with some new products, especially clothes, belts and some Sultanissima Jewellery...hope to can do it this saturday night....

That´s all from me for tonight, actually it´s here around midnight, sleep well and sweet dreams to all of you :-)


hamam favourites....

Two days ago opened a new, big shopping mall with lots of premium shops in Hannover. I visited this mall after work with my husband, Esra, Holly and her husband...and found beautiful oriental inspired towels from the German company moeve in bright turquoise and delicate chocolate brown.

moeve opened a shop in the Ernst-August-Galerie, too and they offer a huge range of high quality bath products like towels, bath robes and bath accessoires made in Germany.

The towels are from the very nice Alhambra collection, available with different patterns also in bright redish orange with safran yellow, inspired by the Alhambra on the Granada island.

my hamam favourites are also the mint and the rosemary soaps from zenza, found at Looms in Hannover, oriental body milk, orange flower scented found in Marrakech and a some precious ottoman inspired jewellery handmade by sultanissima, and ranipink ;-) moroccan inspired jewellery....

don´t forget my georgeous vintage copper hamam bowl from Istanbul, Esra found for me last year in the Grand Bazar.......she´s actually on the way to Istanbul, looking for fresh ideas and findings for our next projects coming soon....:-)

P.S.: looks like I am still in the sahara blue(s) with my favourite colours this autumn/winter ;-) ;-)



..the bridesmaid....

...spent some time in India...

...and loves to dance....

...she is a very lovely and nice girl, too....so we´ve created a stunning dress for her from shimmery turquoise taffeta silk with golden satin sequins and austrian crystal embroidery....she love the dress very much :-)

wedding dress

...weeks with lots and lots of sewing and embroidery work are passed by....this is the beautiful result :-)

..thousands of sequins and shimmering little glassbeads....

...hundreds of cream freshwater pearls...

..and sparkling austrian crystals.....

...going perfect with 6 yds of cream and champagne silk and fresh mint green inner lining...

....for the perfect wedding gown....

..for the beautiful and lucky bride last saturday, a very sunny saturday after a few fogy, grey and rainy days....

Thanks so much Maike (the bride), Susanne (the bride´s supercute mummy), Yvonne (the bride´s best friend) and all the others for so much nice custom orders, we´ve done the last few weeks for you! :-)

A special Thanks to my beloved husband and my best friend Esra, for your support and take care about me, fed me with lot´s of nice dishes when I forgot to eat over so much work.....


two weddings....

for the boys:
5 silk ties,
4 little pocket squares

for the girls:
1 cream and champagne bridal gown with heavy embroidery,
1 little green silk pompadour bag with crystal embroidery,

1 aqua blue skirt with crystal embroidery,
1 eggplant belt with crystal embroidery,
1 red vintage brocade belt,
1 turquoise silk robe with indian style embroidery,
1 long silk skirt,
1 silk halterneck with embroidery,
1 espresso brown bolero jacket,
1 espresso brown silk skirt,
1 espresso brown vintage silk halterneck,
1 kashmir pink silk coat,
1 little cute vintage silk clutch,
2 japanese style silk belts,
1 red silk bag,
1 cream metallic linnen bag with embroidery,
2 silk book cover,

...don´t forget the handmade jewellery....

8 pairs of crystal earrings,
6 crystal necklace,
3 wirework bracelets,
some crystal hairpins......

more than 100 hours of work....every single item handmade with love...we are still working, everything has to be finished until this Tuesday evening......
more pictures coming soon :-)

need some sleep, good night :-)


please, don´t close your eyes!

please, read Maryam`s posting and don´t close your eyes!

Most of us are living on the sunny side of life, we are surounded by the beauty, living in safe countries and never can imagine what really happened in Rwanda. It´s hard to make a decision who needs first help, but we have to help the forgotten ones making them no longer forgotten! No matter where they are living and where they are coming from!