Happy new year! :-)

happy new year 2009 to all of you and thanks very much for visiting and reading my blog :-)

My little wishlist for 2009 :-) first of all I will go end of january back to Morocco for a short inspiration trip....I just started working, too on my next summer collection "ranipink essaouira love" inspired and dedicated to all our friends in our beloved city of Essaouira....we will join the 12th Gnaoua festival there in june....my greatest wish is to make another fashion show this year in autumn and to share more time with my husband and my family....what are your wishes and plans for 2009?


merry christmas & happy holidays :-)

I wish all of you merry christmas and happy holidays :-)

...I wish to you a delicious cup filled with spicy cardamom mocca...I wish to you a glass of fresh mint tea....
...I wish to you plenty of time for relaxing with your family...

...I wish to you always best friends...and probably white christmas.....?!

...I wish to you always to find a nice place with a nice view...

...I wish to you a funny cat....
I wish to get better soon, just catched something like a heavy cold :-(...


oriental window watch :-)

It´s cold like ice and windy outside...colour therapy needed? Come with me and take a look....

..into my cozy studio and watch my favourite oriental style for the christmas season :-) like a sneak peak in a little bedouin tent made from fantastic batik patterned western sahara fabric...hot pink, saffron yellow and sparkling turqouise with a hint of gold against the grey and dark shades everywhere outside....:-)
...little oriental style gift ideas...soft mohair and silk shawls, treasures from silk with sparkling embroidery and luxurious jewellery...

...hot cardamom scented tea anyone? ...the cute little teapot djellabah is watching you ;-)

...relax with golden sequined moroccan Babouches between cozy pillows in bright colours...enjoy your weekend :-)


kitchen magic :-)

..it´s nighttime...I think we still have the full moon? It´s not that I can´t sleep, I am always sleeping very well..I am still listening fine gnaoua-fusion music at maroczik.com....some of the songs are very relaxing :-) ...and watching from time to time two very oriental full moons in our kitchen....
..the little cute metal lanterns spotted magic oriental patterns allover the kitchen walls...

...so I successfully done a little update tonight at my website, wrote a funny story in german about our last visit in Marrakech a few weeks ago and added some new pictures...I promise, if you watching those little lanterns (found in Marrakech) at nightime in your kitchen and listening gnawa music....you´ll get in the mood to write funny stories at the end....:-)
good night :-)


style of the week :-)

It´s time for my favourite style of the week :-)

..indigo blue wide denim pants and a simple black-indigo blueish jumper goes perfect with the silver silk belt, the handknitted extra large mohair shawl in one of my favourite colours teal and silver....and my vintage H&M caftan style coat with heavy glassbead embroidery...don´t forget the dark turquoise leather bag...one of my best morocco founds this summer :-)
I love this coat so much...just got it after more than 3 years back from a friend....and was wondering the last 3 years where the coat was gone....;-)