style of the week :-)

...I love this....

...vintage skirt from India so much....would you believe me? I feel like a cute little oriental doll wearing this one....I think there is always a way to wear vintage treasures in a modern way with classic basic shirts or pants....try it you will love it :-)
P.S.: ....danger!! 16 year old mediterranean guys try probably talking to you if you wear a skirt like this...*hihi*


essaouira love colour sneak peak :-)

...here it is....the first colour combination of "ranipink essaouira love" .-)

...according so much inspiration the last few months inside Morocco and outside...

...I had started cutting and sewing a few pieces of "ranipink essaouira love", a caftan style coat and skirts made from magic iridescent silk in bright ultraviolet with a hint of indigo and dark fuschia silk goes perfect with accents from iridescent dark fuschia and purple silk. The embroidery will be made from little cute shells, sparkling austrian crystal, sequins and glassbeads...
..stay tuned, 3 more magic colour combinations coming soon :-)


grandpa & granddaughter style :-)

Since my visit last weekend at home in Bavaria, I am exploring my grandpa´s adventures in the 50s of the last century in two nice photo books he borrowed me . He took lots of nice and magic pictures from his travel and work in africa and the middle east.

I am smiling every time watching this nice picture, someone had taken in egypt from him, he had worn more than 50 years ago a similar fashion style I like so much to wear....

...my favourite comfortable and cozy desert style wool pants (Comme des Garcons for H&M) and boots are going perfect with the indigo, safran and raspberry pink tie tyed cotton shawl ;-) also wearable in summer with classic moroccan babouche or sparkling embroidered indian leather slippers....:-) ...summer where are you???? ...a glimpse of summer will be with me in about 3 weeks on my next short vacation....:-)

sunday morning....

...could you smell the fresh, homemade moroccan pancakes....?

..orange blossom scented honey, homemade raspberry-vanilla jelly and fresh mint tea....?:-)
Happy sunday afternoon :-)


style of the week :-)

Today: Cobalt blue :-)

I was this morning in the blue, blue mood again, the bright cobalt blue one...:-) My favourite silk skirt with teal inner lining goes perfect with a blue tassel necklace which was made from czech glassbeads, austrian crystal, vintage trade beads and a handmade berber bead from southern morocco and the indigo blue tie dyed cotton scarf from the western sahara...don´t forget the blue Sultanissima earrings, also made from czech glassbeads and austrian crystal :-) ...ahem...and the dark green NoaNoa leather boots ;-) (I wish to wear this pair of boots the next ten years...if not, I will cry...)
this style and colour will be also a part of my new summer collection "ranipink essaouira love" ...inspired and dedicated to the wonderful City of Essaouira and also includes handmade lace and buttons from Essaouira crafters, vintage bead and fabric founds from Essaouira :-) ...more pictures coming soon....


sequin love :-)

...who of us girls do not love the magic sparkling of hundreds of sequins?? I watched this great Berber style wedding blanket a few weeks ago in Marrakech, whenever I am watching something like this, I wish I can immediately start with doing some embroidery work....

...when I was a little girl, I had a little box filled with hundreds of sequins in different shapes and colours...and the first experience with sequin embroidery was to do some ancient egypt inspired dress for the "Fasching" (the german carnival in February) which was made from white bedlinnen with a huge collar and sequin embroidery...the problem...I was running out of sequins, so I never finished the dress... :-(

now, I became a millionaire the last few years, a sequin millionaire :-)

I was so bored for four weeks last summer, I had to wear a cast because of my broken hand and could not work in the studio...then I decided to start with some left handed projects :-)....it took me more than one week to finish just one of this cute cosmetic zipper bags with heavy embroidery...but the result was it worth :-)

I started working a few weeks ago with my new summer collection, inspired by the colours of morocco....and of course with lots of embroidery work, a few pictures are coming soon, the full collection will be probably shown also in Morocco this summer...more about this nice plan in a few weeks :-)
P.S.:....am I crazy?? I just booked a flight....guess where I am going soon...;-)


oriental night watch ;-)

a few days ago I left my studio after work at night and watched this....

...the oriental barber shop :-) the owner, a very funny and friendly turkish guy try to "spice up" his little corner shop since I can remember with some "oriental seasoning"......he asked me so many times in the past, so I told him to use one bright colour on the wall and decorate something from his home country but not too much overloaded....the way he is decorating is...very different...this is the "perfect" fusion between Germany and Ottoman culture....

... use something looking like the hamam towels and put it on the ceiling......

...add some golden mirrors from a country far away, traditional turkish pillows and a fountain.....put some old caftans and fabrics on the wall in a way...well, his way to do it.....

... don´t forget the traditional turkish plates with the tulip design......

...and finally add a huge cactus with a climbing squirrell....and don´t forget the santa claus.....:-) .....and if you need a new hair dress....well.....he (prefer wearing blue, blue polyester satin shirts....) will greet you with aromatic turkish tea, and will speak to you in a great fusion between turkish and german language....and will cut your hair...probably in a funny oriental way......:-)
P.S.: he´s still in progress with his magic oriental barber shop....:-)


bazar spy cat :-)

"..psst.....be quiet...I am listening....."! :-)

"listen....they are talking about the price for this wonderful bracelet....hmmmm..what???? 5000 Dirhams???......poor, beautiful lady from a country far away...... this is too expensive...."

" ohhh...they would invite her for a glass of fresh mint tea,...nice lady...if you know what I know....".."I know all of you ladys love the tea...for my opinion I would prefer fresh cream...."

"Madame....could I invite you for a bowl of cream, would you join me with a nice dinner from fresh bazar chicken....probably we can go for mice hunting later at night.....?!"

"...o.k., Madame.... let´s leave to the spice souk, I know a nice place where to get fresh cream and a nice place on the top where I can show you the sundown...would you wear your sparkling necklace for me, please..??"
(thoughts of a Marrakech bazar cat, probably....) :-)


ranipink home sneak peak :-)

Today: the bedroom :-) take care...the cats are always keep an eye on you!

..since I moved in this wonderful home, the house was build in the late 19th century...so much work had to be done until the home was looking like now but we are still in progress to make some things new...first of all I removed tons (it feels still like tons...) of old carpets and very ugly looking plastic tiles from allover the floors in every single room...sanded the floors and we painted the wooden floors white...and all the ugly looking wallpapers layers over layers...oh my....once I had found old newspapers from the year 1938 between the plaster and the wallpaper....?!

a few years ago we painted the bedroom wooden floor white and decided to try something different...dark purple on the walls....I mixed some moroccan pigments and powdered mother of pearl with acrylic liquid and painted in two days 3 times the walls...and looked finally that I was felt into the paint, too ;-) ;-) Isn´t it nice to have a husband who´s in love with me and also my love for unusual colour combinations...??

Since that day I was thinking about matching this with some textiles in green shades....the years are passed by....some indian vintage fabrics in green shades I don´t liked passed by, too....maybe change the wall colour again...no, no....!

..then a bright emerald green vintage suzani crossed my way....*yay* with delicate embroidery in bright pink, orange, and purple shades....I should make something like quilt from it...

...a few months passed by, too and finally this january the quilt was done...one side made with the suzani and the other side with moroccan vegetable silk "sabra" I found last year in november at a friends shop in Essaouira...and still can´t believe that I had choosen exact the same colour like the wall paint.... :-)

...need some sparkle? Two weeks ago in morocco, two nice vintage berber cushions crossed my way...bright emerald green with little metal sequin embroidery ;-) ...by the way..why the cats are always love to sleep on vintage textiles??

..another fabric I used for the pillows are purple damask fabric I bought a few years ago in Amman/Jordan at some fabric dealer in the old souk who told us that he is related around 25 corners with my husbands auntie *hihi*...we still don´t figured this out but when we will go to Jordan this summer we want to find out...it´s not so bad to have someone in the family with a little fabric shop, filled with finest fabrics from Damascus...*hihi*

I also used some fabric founds from Uzbekistan ( please, would anyone go with me for fabric shopping to Uzbekistan??) bright handloomed Ikat in purple and pink shades and at least for the neckpillows some Amy Butler fabric and a fabric I bought nearly ten years ago in the ugly fabric department of a huge shop in Hannover....the ugly fabric department is also history since a few years...better not ask why ;-)
Finally there is a very special pillow in the bed....the real cat pillow...may you never believe this...the cute and huge!! cat loves to sleep at night so close next to you that you believe the cat is the pillow....:-)