...in Marrakech :)
I will be back at home in a few days...the suitcase filled with beauty, magic and some oriental tales...stay tuned :)


Essaouira diary III

...the night sky over Essaouira feels like dark purple, iridescent silk...I am listening to the magic gnaoua music, a concert is just around the corner and I feel like in a magic tale :)


Essaouira diary II

want to watch my "essaouira love" summer collection? Come and join the Arbre à Palabres at the Alliance Franco-Marocaine, 9 Rue Derb Laalouj, 44000 Essaouira Medina this weekend during the Gnaoua music festival from thursday, 25th of june to saturday 27th of june daily at 5pm. I will be there in company of the lovely Lallamira girls dressed in "essaouira love" ...

Thanks very much again to the friendly director of the Alliance Franco-Marocaine/Essaouira that we can join this event :)


Essaouira diary :)

the long way to Morocco: Hannover-Duesseldorf-Madrid-Marrakech-Essaouira

finally after more than 18 hours I arrived finally very tired in Essaouira last sunday -but happy to be in the magic town- :)

I spent two days with relaxing, reading, fish dinner and lots of fresh mint tea and coffee, visited friends and spent some time with people watching at one of my favourite places, the cafe chez ben mostapha :)
My friend Felicitas and me still try to organize a place in a Riad in the medina for a fashion show... :) the city is getting packed for the Gnaoua music festival every hour more and more...

stay tuned, more information are coming soon :)

P.S.: pics are coming soon, too...



Thank you so much...
for joining the fashion show in my studio yesterday :-) I am leaving in a few hours....and looking forward to treat myself with the view I love so much...

P.S.: pic´s of the fashion show are coming soon!



in my Hannover studio:

"essaouira love" summer collection preview and fashion show at 8pm

enjoy fresh mint tea, gnaoua music and come with me on a magic and colourful journey...! :-)


happy weekend :-)

I wish to all of you this:
vanilla caramel flan, fresh strawberries and angel hair made from caramelized sugar (one of my four brothers -the youngest one-...made this fantastic caramelized sugar beauty yesterday...) ;-)

happy weekend! :-)


invitation :-)

to all of you! :-)
after a few months sewing, doing embroidery my summer collection "essaouira love" is nearly finished for the fashion show :-)

The first fashion show will be hold in my Hannover studio in Germany at 19th of june from 7pm.

The second fashion show will be hold in Essaouira, Morocco at my friends Felicitas Riad Lallamira during the Gnaoua music festival. I´ll post the day for the fashion show in Essaouira in about one week :-)

We are looking forward to see you!


the days in the garden...

inspired me to something new...

inbetween I created a little range of summer pillows...

colours like the flowers in a beautiful marrakech courtyard garden...

shades of iridescent safran, teal, hot pink, lemon citrine, carneol, apple green and deep red are going perfect with turkmen vintage embroidered cotton and sparkling vintage berber metal sequins...

brighten up your home with the colours of the hot, oriental summer :-)

the pillows are available now for sale in my studio :-)

P.S.: visit me in my cozy studio in Hannover at friday, 19th of june at 7PM and take a look at my new summer collection "essaouira love" :-) ...the flying carpet is ready, too ;-)!!