*1001 thank you*

the past year...well...sometimes I even don´t want think about it and told my self all the time: "o.k, this is the life...and the life is going on"...and when I thought I was over all...the next worst case knocked on my door...sometimes I wished to run away and disappear...I will always keep the faith and thanks god that he is holding his hands above me, at any time :-)
a very special thanks to my entire family, Eva, Charlotte, Hannah, Thao,Regina, Krista, Danica, Felicitas, Maryam, Mustapha, Ahmed, Sandra, Sharon & Steve, Lokmane, all my friends who living in the sahara desert, my friends who living allover the world, my co-workers at H&M,  my local & online clients and all of you, my dearest blog readers! Thank you so, so much to all of you for your support, written words, spoken words, love and being with me in 2010!

written with *love* from the bottom of my heart to all of you and *happy new year* :-)

image: Hassan Krifa for ranipink


*magic carpet ingredients*

 I remember one day ...*zigzagged* for clients orders in the souk of *marrakech*...
passed by in a hurry...and turned back again...
the man spotted me and smiled...invited me to have a look...*chouf*chouf*....means *look* in moroccan language...
I found myself inbetween tons of cotton & wool...the ingredients for making  moroccan *magic carpets*....I left and smiled....and smiled....and I am still smiling :-)

images: petra hassan


*the flying cat*

ready for more morocco? on my way to a friend in Essaouira...
 I spotted a *cat* on a wall...
sleeping....zzzz zzzzzz....
morning sport!
and the cat spotted me....
watched me...and *smiled* the cat smile :-)
got ready for take off...
and jumped...
and was gone....to continue sleeping under the moroccan *sun*....and...sometimes even a cat is flying in Essaouira....like the *magic carpets* :-)

images: petra hassan


*green(s) & pink(s)*

are my favourite colour shades next to the *blue(s)*....
usually I spend zero time decorating my home but yesterday I was in the mood for something special...and I had since ages the time for doing it :-)
I used for a simple table decoration little, teal green turquoise ceramic bowls I found once in morocco, beaded *pink*  snowflake stars and *mini* christmas tree balls in shades of green and pink...
I put the christmas tree instead of a  traditional christmas tree holder in a pink & black handmade, wheatgrass basket from senegal and used little *silver* moons, christmas balls in green, teal and pink shades, one green and one pink chain of lights I bought years ago...usually I prefer having real candles but this year I had no candles for the tree...
for the *hint* of blue....2 little, pretty decorated camels caravaning in the christmas tree... :-)
a *smell*  of orange blossom in the air...what a bliss!
the aloe vera plantation asked also for some sparkling lights...voilà..here it is...simple *ranipink* style christmas decoration :-)
the images are not perfect because of the light situation. My home is located northwest side in a courtyard surounded by more 120 years old houses, and it is time to buy a new camera, too...

I plan to do more renovating in my home in spring, the old farmhouse sink for my kitchen is still waiting for the under construction and new tiles for the working top. I am thinking about shimmering jade/turquoise green moroccan ceramic or cement tiles...the colours going perfect with the also more than 120 years old  black & sand beige cement tiled kitchen floor. When I moved in my home 10 years ago I spotted the old tiles in a little corner & removed tons of old carpets and material to get back the original...

my home is still under construction...I plan to paint the hallway in shimmering turquoise -a style like traditional moroccan tadlakt- and want to hang up a chalky orange & gold vintage bedouin caftan my grandfather brought from his middle east travels in the 50s with...my bathroom is light cucumber green, white & silver and I do not plan to change the colours actually... and I still have ultramarine/cobalt blue for the living room in my mind...well...step by step...I am not in a hurry!

I will share within the next 2 weeks more corners of my home with you, especially a bedroom style update I have done today and also a few more moroccan adventures :-)

*happy holidays* :-)

images: petra hassan


*christmas morning*

silence in the house, ice *crystal* rain and *snowflakes* falling down....
fresh brewed coffee and....*wondering*...a hint of orange blossom smell in the air! I am not in morocco actually, I am in my kitchen in germany and it is christmas morning....my little *citrus aurantium bizzarria* got unexpected, pretty, smelling flowers!!

sadly I can not spend the christmas time with my family...for several reasons and I will staying the entire weekend at home, decorating now my little christmas tree, cooking later a nice dinner and Mr. X the cat is *happy* to have me 3 days at home :-)

I took the image above 2 weeks ago in the *marrakech* souk....and wanted to keep it especially for today :-)

*merry*merry* christmas to all of you, dearest friends & readers!

P.S.: yes, I am missing my family especially today but I am feeling not lonely or worried about at all....my parents teached me when I was younger to make the best as possible in every situation of the life, so I will!

image: petra hassan


*the colours & a magic carpet...*

I found at *designachten* :-)
there had been the chic & elegant *neutral* colours...by cebulla cou(l)ture...
soft & bright ones...pretty handknit by Lola...
rich natural ones....by Nin Santo...
the *funky* ones....by nordstadtbraut... :-)
more bright *colours*...by rockXanne....
some *ranipink* colours... :-)
and the colours of the pretty *magic carpet....yes, there is also a home for *magic carpets* in the city of hannover :-)

a big *thank you* especially to Iris & Sandra for the invitation, the great and made with *heart* organization, to my lovely clients & friends who passed by and all the nice & kind people I meet...and to my sweet friend Eva for her always great support! :-)

what a great weekend!

images: petra hassan



today & tomorrow in Hannover :-)

P.S: the suit(case) is still not there....it turns into a nightmare for me...no trim for clients orders, no camera, no diary, my favourite emerald green silk dress I wanted wearing today is still inside the suitcase...the girl only own 1 single lipstick...so I bought a second one yesterday....sometimes I try to laugh about all of this but it really doesn´t works...never expected so much trouble beccause of all of this...and DHL is not my friend anymore, they kept it for more than 48 hours!!! after the woman brought it to the post office and did not moved it....:-(


*62 hours*

had been away for 62 hours work in *morocco*...
finally a woman took yesterday my black suitcase at the frankfurt airport instead of her green one...because of that missed my train back home! The superkind shuttle bus driver took me to her home but she wasn´t there and he took me back to the train station. After several times trying to find out her telephone number I called the police today and they found my suitcase in her home & I was able talking to her and told her that she have to sent it to me today via express....don´t ask how I still feel...the suitcase is still not here and the tracking number she gave me is not working...usually I would not freak out in this situation but it contains stuff for my work I really need right now...can I get my suitcase back, please? :-(

image: petra hassan



for a new moroccan clients order in the...
gnaoua music city of *Essaouira* :-)
the colours should matching perfect...
to the *greens* and *yellows* of the house....
may I will choose some light, green turquoise, dark teal and *clay*...or may *citrus* shades....I will see...I also have some special colours in my mind, chalky *henna* orange or may be *magenta*...in ancient times, the phoenicians collected little *purpure* shells & the city of Essaouira is also known for this colour....

images: petra hassan



new *treasuries* served on a moroccan silver tray...
unique cushions made from linen, vintage uzbek embroidery...
embellished with vintage medaillons & cowrie shells
now online in my dawanda-shop :-)

images: petra hassan