*a sunday offer*

may I offer you something this sunday...
pretty dyed *fabrics* from the sahara desert?
collected moroccan lanterns in *beautiful* colours?
may you like *sparkling* decorated cushions?
or take a ride on the magic *blue*blue* carpet? wait...there is the sweet smell of *orange* blossoms....
may I offer you to take a *nap* next to Mr. X the cat?
please,  come and relax between comfortable cushions & cool *blue* linen...on my *summer* bed....!
oh, dearest *summer*....one more time, please come back to germany, everything is *well* prepared for you!

*happy sunday*

images: petra hassan

*a wish*

it happened weeks ago, it was the evening of the opening concert...I noticed him...I noticed the *moustache*...then he watched me, then I watched him...
then he gave me a smile....then I smiled back...he was calm, very calm....
then he started dancing to the rythm of the gnaoua music....he smiled again, a warm smile, sparkling in his dark eyes....he seemed to be happy....
then I smelled the smell....the smell of *glue*.....oh.. oh my....then...he danced for a while...then he disappeared and got lost in the crowded place...
but for one *precious* moment there was *sparkling* in his eyes, I will never forget the warm smile....I will never forget what I saw for one moment, a hint of  *joy* for a few seconds, for a *magic* little moment...because there is a heart and there is a soul, there is may a sad story behind...I wish that there would be someone who take care...if not today may be tomorrow...or after tomorrow...I still wish...because life is so precious...!

oh dear!

images: petra hassan

P.S.: why oh why....endless questions to ask for....some days happen things in this world we will never able to understand....prayers for *Norway*!


*gnaoua festival style shots*

I love watching especially in morocco what people wearing and *how*....so here we go, a few *style* shots I took at the gnaoua festival a few weeks ago :-)
*glam* in the medina and well...lots of *hair* :-)
more hair! goat hair decorated *sandals*...made in the desert, air conditioning guaranteed!
I *love* MAM...priceless cute!!! :-)
I truly like what he is wearing...some kind of ancient *sultan* mixed salad moroccan style,  please note the glamourous bracelet made from a string of heavy glassbeads! so cool!
the art of *hair*...
do you *yellow* babouche??
do you *yellow* bag?? :-)
at least...the moroccan *punk* style! :-)

*happy saturday*

images: petra hassan


*a magic night*

the sun went down.....
the colours of the *blue*blue* sky over the medina of Essaouira changed into the pastell shades.....
 then....he switched on the *light*... for the night filled with *music*....magic music!
they played music in the *red*red* light with lyrics about the real life and the sound of  *morocco*...
he sang songs from the bottom of his heart.....
then...they switched on the *green*green* light, they wore pretty embroidery and played the *magic* sound of finest gnaoua music....oh, how much I love this music!
then....he *rocked* the medina of Essaouira in the *blue*blue* light.....
everybody was dancing, a flag had been rised and the seagulls danced in the deep *purple* coloured night sky to the vibe of finest african music!

oh, my beloved Essaouira, what a *magic* night!

pic 3 & 4 Darga from Casablanca
pic 5 Maâlem Abdelkebir Merchane from Marrakech
pic 6 Salif Keita from Mali
all images: Petra Hassan

P.S.: *danke* thanks very much to the feed magazin who published today my writing (in german language) about the gnaoua music festival, too :-) *yay*



I had been a bit away from blogging the past 2 weeks because of a (still) heavy work schedule here in germany and I also visited the *magic* gnaoua music festival in my beloved city of *Essaouira* like every year last week and had done some work in morocco....
the festival had been truly great this year, and I can say this had been the best festival for me since I started visiting it, they turned back to the roots and played much more gnaoua music than the years before and the concerts had been a good mix between fusion and traditional music. I also meet such lovely and kind people and visited my friends in Essaouira, as always the time had been to short to see all of them...
I am also working acutally on a morocco article for the german feed-magazin, they just printed & published my algeria desert travel report in their second issue! I am very, no totally!! excited and happy about :-) thank you again one more time, feed magazin!

well...I have much more exciting news...I closed officially my local shop space here in Hanover a four weeks ago end of may and nearly moved completely in my new atelier space. Since 1st of june I offer atelier visits by appointment for customized orders and clients as usual, selling online in my dawanda-shop and on selected events/markets in Hannover. This step allows me now to work more flexible especially in customized clients orders, embroidery and also other projects and fits perfect to my nomadic life :-)

Exactly today 3 years ago my life started changing totally in the never expected direction, now after telling myself  3 years non-stop every day "be strong, stay cool and move on....I feel especially today just with one word *happy*...even if the weather is totally greyish and cold here in germany....can you believe, I turned on the heating in my home this morning!!!??! I never turned on the heating in july....!

I remember the beginning of the week, I spent such a good time with lovely Maryam in Marrakech in 44° heat, the taste of the most delicious mint ice tea is still on my lips, she smell of fresh cutted herbs from her peacock pavilions garden is now in my german kitchen....what a bliss! thank you again one more time, Maryam!

I might dance tonight to the music of the desert, the tuareg group Tamikrest  from Mali/Algeria is playing close to Hannover a concert tonight, I´ll go there with a Touareg friend, we started working in a fusion project, but it is still a *secret* project :-) ..until dancing tonight I am wearing my grandmothers handknitted wool socks whilest sewing....ici il est froid!!

*happy saturday*

images: petra hassan