*l'art du thé dans le désert*

teatime in the desert is always *magical* time...I love to listen the sound of the fire and boiling *green tea*....the smell of burning wood and caramelized sugar....oh, and of course, the taste of bittersweet, strong foamy tea...
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image: petra hassan


*merry christmas*

and *happy holidays* with much *love* :-)
I will take a german *magic carpet* and carry with me the little *blue* enamelled teapot, green tea, sugar and teaglasses in my moroccan basket with me....
a small piece of *acacia* wood for the smell and a few family days :-)


images: petra hassan


*the blue(s)*

I wore shimmering *turquoise* silk and noticed that he watched me, I didn´t watched back because I  never watch back. I thought he watched someone behind or next to me...then, I forgot!
weeks later a message appeared with a few words "you are blue, very blue......you are a blue woman"....ah, what?? I asked back "ah, eh...why...how do you know?" he said "well.....I know...." then...I said....nothing, no answer...silence, a very shy smile....then after a while....traces of magic *indigo*  appeared on my neck, hands, went into my heart and *soul*....because.... he said, she said, they said.....I am blue!

image: taken by a friend


*DIY desert bathroom*

sleeping in the sahara is such a bliss, cozy wrapped by the *indigo* blue velvet night  covered by millions of sparkling stars and I love to watch the changing pastell coloured light after wake up in the early morning, sunrise time. The light is changing from deep indigo blue into cobalt blue and cool lavender shades.....first ray of *silver* sunlight....light lemon yellow, light apricot soft morning light...*magical* morning!
then, a question! Where to find a *pretty* bathroom in the hôtel milles étoiles, please? Here we go!
first of all, find a beautiful place! I use for a simple morning ritual a silver moroccan *hammam bowl*, a small mirror, a bottle of water, toothbrush & paste, a blue towel, a simple moroccan hairbrush and a hint of traditional moroccan *savon beldi*. The soap is also good to mix it with a small amount of desert sand for a quick face peeling :-)
welcome in my DIY desert bathroom!

the magic of  *la vie simple* as I imagine....

images: petra hassan


*travelling the desert pretty*

and what to do in the suitcase? I prefer in general travelling with less luggage, means especially less clothes...come with me and take a look what´s in my suitcase, here we go!
first of all the *pretty* essentials! my vintage suzani fabric covered sleeping bag, also good for creating *magic carpet* tracks in the sand, a small moroccan, pure wool *couscous* blanket, a vintage indian running stitched cotton blanket, a colourful cushion, traditional leather sandals, my favourite bag which contains the camera and other small things, the water bottle and an old flour sack from Libya (yes, this one is cool in my point of view) for some clothes, shawls and a few new products. There is always a beautiful place to find in the desert where I do quick product shoots :-)
about the clothes! I do not wear a different clothes style when I am travelling than in Germany. I like to wear layering style all the time, means one pair of pants (simple black leggings, linen trousers or wide indian pants for camel riding), a silk dress, a matching linen dress never leave the house without a *huge* shawl. I love also to wear the traditional *tasghnst* wrap dress in the desert, it makes me feeling super comfortable and as you may know....I love to wrap myself in meters of *pretty* fabric.
being well dressed especially whilest travelling arabic/islamic countries is also a matter of respect and also might prevents from difficult situations. Especially in my sahara trips I was always the only woman, I never had any problems or faced a strange situation, lucky me :-)
and at least, *anella* means henna painting in Tuareg language on my hands and feet :-)

images: petra hassan (second image taken by a friend)

P.S.: of course I own a black, very ugly looking suitcase, too... I do not go for check-in at the airport with all the colourful stuff in my hands....I remember that a long time ago someone complained to me "Petra, even the normal stuff must be pretty for you"...ahem...well..."yes"...I am sorry for that but why not also travelling pretty?



you know...usually the pretty *silver* sandals walking with me everywhere I am going....summertime & wintertime, no walk possible without sandals, except we have heavy snow or rain. One day the silver sandals broke in the middle of the sahara, well....the girl continuend walking one more day without sandals and finally runned one more time into *acacia* thorn! yikes!
The girl in urgent need!! for new sandals! As usual I only carry one pair of sandals and one pair of  pretty, sparkling embroidered moroccan babouches with me...I am eyeing since a long time with a pair of traditional Tuareg sandals called *taratimt* oooooooh! prettieness overload!! once I found a pair of vintage sandals in the Marrakech souk, but they had been far to big....probably made once a long time ago for a giant Tuareg who caravaned through the entire sahara and lost his sandals in Marrakech...not made for my *petite* feet...well...finally I found the only one pair in my size in the Djanet souk, lucky me!
I even stepped out of the plane straight into the cold german winter day after arrival back home with *tanba* on my feet....

so..and what happened with the *acacia* thorn in my foot? I usually wear full cover henna painting on my feet, so it was a bit difficult to see where it exactly was located, after 2 days with well...medium pain as I would say...a 1cm thorn appeared! yikes! by the way...after several times in the desert now I got used to run always in a small plant called *cram cram* not more painful than running in acacia, believe me! what is *cram cram* you may ask now? another story for another day.... :-)

images: petra hassan


*knitting the camel & the desert*

once in my life I had a *wish* and after years the words swirled around in my head like little phantoms, the *wish* became reality....
me, wearing the favourite dress in *turquoise* silk, magic *indigo* black and blue knitwork in my hands, faded henna stars painted on my hands...
*carneol* melange wool around the neck and blue *magic* in my hand...
I kissed whispered a question to the *white* camel....
he watched me one moment, then....he agreed! of course....in camel *language*!
after a while he started laughing, did you ever listened a camel laughing? They really do! He may never imagined in his life may one day wearing a handknitted *blue*blue* shawl on a *hot* over 30° desert day with blue sky and bright sunlight....
then I whispered *merciiiiiiii* in camel language in his ear and....got a back a camel *kiss* :)
*knitting the camel & the desert* handknit, knitted by my hands now available here! uuuh! so much knitting words in this sentence....

images: mohammed hassani for ranipink (last image taken by me)
model: Moktar´s camel and me
location: sahara, djanet/algeria

*desert perfume*

bright sunlight, *heat* scintillation in the desert, the *silver* sandals touched pretty structured clay ground....ah...the silver sandals are nearly gone...but this is a story for another day....!
I wore cool cobalt *blue* and bright, shimmering turquoise, perfect for a hot day and travelling in the desert...
and there was a *perfume* in the air....oooooh! a very intensive smell in the heat of the day, oh how much I love this smell.....
the strong, bittersweet smell of a plant called *tizardjli* in tamasheq, the Tuareg language. The herb is simliar to vermouth, a kind of  *sahara* version.I tried to find out more but did not found out the botanical, latin name but may one day I will know. It is used to flavouring green tea and also known as herbal medicine in case of stomach problems. The taste is between I would say sweet sage, thyme and mint with a special note.
Every time I go to the desert, I try to learn as much as possible about the traditional plants, where to find and how to us it...and ask my friends as we say here "holes in the belly" :-) ...may you know, I am addicted to spices and herbs...since I remember!
the herb is simliar to vermouth, probably some kind of *sahara* version, I tried to find out more, I even did not found out the botanical, latin name but may one day. It can be used for preparing aromatic green tea and also known as herbal medicine in case of stomach problems.

In general I never faced in the past (lucky me...!) stomach trouble or anything like this during all my sahara, morocco or middle east travels. I always avoid the restaurants where "tourist dishes" are offered and usually go to places where locals eating or eat fresh, prepared and homemade. In the desert I prefer traditional food like tagella or the latest...I had the pleasure to eat one day in Djanet a dish called *journal* because it is looking like a newspaper -still smiling about the name- ...razor-thin crêpes made from bread doug, moisturized with aromatic, spicy red sauce and served with barbecued goat! uuuuuh! j´adore!

so I picked a *handful* of the wonderful smelling and left....continued with my 4x4 dune driving lessons in the desert :-)
here in germany, every day I open the *magic* glass jar, filled with sundried *tizardjli* and take a deep breath of the desert perfume! by the way, I also brought back home with me several small pieces of acacia wood.....just to burn one from time to time to have acacia fire smell in my home,  oh dear! *je suis un peu fofolle*...! :-)

images: petra hassan (images 2 & 4 taken by a friend)

P.S.: another *very special thanks* to Karsten Marowski, the editor of the german feed magazin, thank you so much again for publishing my latest sahara travel report!

*a special thanks!*

to you, dear Priya!
for featuring my work and home again in your beautiful Once Upon A Teatime blog, I feel so honored and yes, i am very happy!

the photo is especially for you! ....because of the *indigo blue(s)* we both love so much :-)

image: petra hassan