*vintage inspiration*

wherever I am going, whatever I am doing....*inspiration* overload all the time, I can not explain how and why....since I remember I am thinking in colour...in full colour! come with me and see what I found...
vintage travel inspiration...
finest, traditional embroidery details...
pretty, faded desert colours....vintage inspiration for a few, new colour combinations and products coming in spring....stay tuned :-)

*happy sunday*

images: petra hassan

*magic teapot*

once a time ago in a chilly *sahara* desert night....me, cozy and comfortable wrapped in a huge wool blanket..... listening the cracking fire and watching ruby red coloured glowing charcoal....shades of warm orange and yellow colours...warm, soft light on my face...
a hint of *caramelized* sugar in the air, the smell of simmering *green*green* tea.....
 and the little, white enamelled teapot became *magic* in this night.....
do you speak teapot? :-)

I am sticking like glued these days in my atelier with tons of sewing/embroidery work for clients and some more organizing stuff....inbetween....a blue gas flame in my kitchen, simmering *green tea*....foam and the smell of caramelized sugar in the home. Mr. X the cat is sleeping like a log on a beautiful embroidered cushion...watching me from time to time one-eyed....*tranquille*

*happy weekend*

P.S.: please may support the solidarity rally for Azawad on 4th of february in Paris if you are near *merci*!

images: petra hassan


*thoughts about peace & freedom*

rain and thunderstorm in the night, my mind is like a hot boiling pot of couscous ....where to start writing? the past few days I received several messages from the desert, exactly from northern Mali. Friends wrote to me what actually happen there and it is not easy to understand all of this what happen right now. I am not a professional writer, not a journalist....so I am still asking myself how or if I am able to write about. I am even fighting with the french language, I translate in my mind into english for better understanding...and asking myself to continue try to understand this huge mess or not? I will continue because there are dear friends outside who fighting for human rights, peace, freedom, justice and a normal life!
I want to share today the website of  ToumastPress and the Issikta - Touaregs/Bruxelles - Sahara blog of  Ibanakal, may please read and spread the word. I believe that all of us are able to give with our possibilities support for the ones who are still not living in freedom and peace; many small steps making finally a big one, hopefully peace and freedom, as soon as possible!

*thank you*grazie*gracias*danke*merci*tanemert*shukran*

image: petra hassan (erg admer, sahara/algeria)



the magic of *tea* printed on a postcard...
from the sahara desert with love....
4 new postcard sets "l'art du thé dans le désert" now online in my shop!

images: petra hassan

P.S.: watch the new, truly breathtaking Tinariwen video *iswegh attay* here and *enjoy* precious moments of desert teatime :-)



colourful cushions!
inspired by the flowers after rain in the sahara...
a few *new* desert flower cushions now online in my shop!

images: petra hassan


*colours & details*

last year I had the chance to join a second Tinariwen concert, the last one they played in germany in 2011 on their world tour before leaving to the US and after back to the sahara. I still feel very honored to invited for *green* tea and a nice chat before they started the concert, oh dear! I nearly felt off the chair...and lost my voice, I am shy! After a while one of the band members found *henna* tracks on my hands....and I found back my voice...well it´s not a secret that I love their music, who does not? I still have not much experience taking concert pictures but I focused this time more attention on the different light colours and what they wear, so here we go! it´s magic.... :-)
mysterious, shiny *metallic*....
magic *blue* and traditional leatherwork...
a beautiful, long *tassel* necklace...
*pistachio* green coloured, waxed cotton...
pretty leather sandals and *fine* embroidered pants....
and a precious *silver* ring.

listen the soulful desert music of  Tinariwen here! They will be back soon for more concerts in spring; can´t wait to join the Munich concert in march with my family *happy dance* :-)

images: petra hassan


*nice wishes*

I wish....I wish....to learn playing *guembri*....because I love the sound of *gnaoua* music...so much!
to travel to Marseille on a hot *summer* day...because I would love watch the colours and eat *bouillabaisse*!
to ride a *camel* race....because I love the camels!
to find a *magic carpet*...because I would love to take a flight!
to have a small amount of the *nice* washing powder from algeria...because I love the *orange blossom* smell! 
*nice*nice* sunday evening wishes! :-)

image: petra hassan


*the green soul*

after the rain is coming the sun...and then...after a while is coming the *green*....
shimmering sand dunes wearing a green, subtile dress, the camels wearing a *smile*....
acacia trees showing fantastic *filigree* adornment....
and fresh *peridot* green shades in the early morning sun....*tafuk*....the word means sun....
unexpected *green*green* life finding.....so precious!
true *desert* beauty somewhere in the nowhere....
the sahara is wearing her most beautiful and pretty dress, the green soul of the desert....because after the rain is coming the sun and then the *green*....because *green* colour is also for hope, for a new beginning, for a new life!

*aman iman* water is life! (Tuareg proverb)

images: petra hassan


*happy new year*

one year ago I waited for take off, for the adventure of my life to the heart of the biggest desert of the world, the magic *sahara*.....there was a dream since I was a little girl in my mind, since watching with my family TV-reports from all over the world every saturday evening after taking the saturday bath. The same time I started reading and watching about the *sahara* in the green GEO magazines and sometimes my grandfather told us stories about his travel & work adventures in the middle east....when I turned 13 a friend of my family gave me a book as a gift, I read the first time about the inside of the culture and traditions in the sahara and also the first words of tamasheq, the language of the Tuareg.
now, one year later I am looking back and see that the dream of my life became reality! My entire life started changing completely after I returned the first time from the sahara desert.
I started learning speaking tamasheq language, my dear friends shared with me the real life in the desert, teached me how to ride a camel and 4x4 dune driving, how to travel the desert, cooking lessons and everything I want to know about the culture, music, traditions and the real life in the desert. I learned how to wear the traditional wrap dress called *tasghnst* and much about the textile and artwork, they allowed me to be part of their life!
I am from the bottom of my heart thankful for everything to each one of my dearest friends from all over the world, for my great family, for all my lovely clients, for all my readers and also for my co-workers at H&M, all of you made it possible that I can live the dream of my life, a life between orient, occident and the desert...
*thank you so much* again and a very *happy new year* to all of you with love!

images: petra hassan, mohammed hassani, ahmed abdouali

P.S.: in case you want to learn more about the desert, watch german phoenix TV today, they show all day long fantastic *desert* reports from all over of the world!